Implementation Service

Core competence of technologies

High Speed Domain

High Speed Domain Expertise

Special hardening skills and experienced on CPU/GPU/VPU to fulfill projects across Server, Tablet, IP Camera, STB, DVR and more.

High Speed Domain

Low Power Domain Expertise

Production proven records since 2007 on MSMV low power optimization with multi-Supply/Vdd/Vt and ICG, PMK, MBFF cells.

High Speed Domain

MEGA Design Domain Expertise

Silicon proven hierarchical flow for both top-down / bottom-up and 50M+ gate SoC design production proven records since 2012.


  • Silicon proven almost 300 chips tape out across 250nm to 28nm.
  • Robust and flexible implementation design environment.
  • Various and experienced design methodologies included.
  • Predictable and controllable project management.
  • Comprehensive review and sign-off mechanism.
High Speed Domain

What it is?

  • Flexible , Automation Script Based Implementation Platform .
  • Manageable and uniform for design check-in/out data and architecture of workspace .
  • Seamless flow from RTL to GDS .
  • State-of-the-art design methodologies with various EDA solution .
High Speed Domain

SoC-ImP embedded golden EDA solution

  • Best-In-Class EDA solutions from implementation to Sign-off.
  • Fulfill various design needs and capable of both planar and FinFET solutions
High Speed Domain

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