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Leopard 6 SoC Design Platform: ARM11 CPU + Mali GPU
Leopard 6 SoC Design Platform: ARM11 CPU + Mali GPU BACK  

Leopard 6 SoC Design Platform soluion provides integrated design and developing system which includes hardware and software. By adopting Leopard 6 platform, customers could shorten the SoC developing time, up to 50%,and lower design risk. It is a rapid and complete solution to direct your innovative product into success.

Leopard 6 platform solution is constructed by ARM11-based platform architecture. There are powerful ARM11 CPU processor, high performance and bandwidth platform core, OpenGL ES 2.0 & OpenVG 1.1 compliant graphic accelerator, multimedia and wireless connectivity subsystem.

development plan-leopard platform tc.png

Leopard 6 Performance

  • 1.20GHz ARM1176JZF [CPU]
  • 800MHz ARM926EJ [CPU]
  • 400MHz Mali-200 [GPU]
  • 400 MHz DDR2
  • 400MHz AXI Bus

    Key Features
  • ARM11/9 + GPU + Peripherals
  • 64-bit AXI & 32-bit AHB bus extension I/F
  • MSSV Low Power

  • 3.5G
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth

    socle lerpard 6 soc -block diagram 20091118-2.png

  • Development Kits: MDK-3D

    OS support:

    Hardware board:

    • Leopard-6 SoC (ARM1176JZ/ARM926EJ embedded)
    • On-board FPGA
    • USB2.0 OTG
    • RJ-45
    • RS-232
    • 4.8" LCD


    • Mobile Internet Device (MID)
    • Smartbook / Netbook
    • Portable Media Player (PMP)
    • Home Media Center
    • Pernonal Navigation Device (PND)
    • Thin Client
    • Gaming Console


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    台北市內湖區基湖路32號10樓 / 10F., No.32, Ji-Hu Rd., Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei 11492, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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